Press Release

Press Release

FLC Smart Contract Address Upgrade Completed

March 11, 2020

Beginning on 8th February 2020, Flowchain started officially to migrate the FLC digital assets from the current ERC20 smart contract to a new ERC20 smart contract.

On 6 March, the Flowchain (FLC) smart contract address upgrade has been completed. Trading pairs will be opened at 10:00 AM EST on March 11, 2020:



Please refer to the following information regarding Migration Announcement, Token Swap and New Features:

⦁ FLC Smart Contract Migration Announcement for Q1 2020: Off-chain Issuable, User Withdraw and More

⦁ Guide & Cautions for FLC Token Swap

⦁ Off-Chain Issuance of FLC Native Tokens

Flowchain Team