Press Release

Press Release

Flowchain and TIC form a strategic partnership.

Flowchain signed off Strategic IP development & collaboration agreement with Taiwan Intellectual Capital (TIC)

TAIPEI, July 8th, 2020 / Flowchain, the reputed blockchain infrastructure-level technology developer, has signed off a strategic IP portfolio development and licensing collaboration agreement with Taiwan Intellectual Capital (TIC) in TAIPEI, Taiwan on July 8th, 2020.

While the world is just starting to realize that the blockchain technology can do much more than cryptocurrency, Flowchain, one of the blockchain tech leaders in the Asia-Pacific region, has already developed infrastructures and accumulated know-hows in various fundamental aspects such as AIoT, ecological restoration, next-generation web securities and tokenomics.

Given the solid ground developed by Flowchain and the enormous economic potential to be introduced to the world, the intellectual property (IP) development effort & the related strategy and resources about IP are all self-evidently critical and essential. TIC, a world-class IP & finance service firm, which has not only admitted the value put together by Flowchain and has proposed a strategic collaboration plan for Flowchain.

According to the contract signed by both parties today, TIC will use its world-class IP portfolio planning, management experience and monetization capability to assist Flowchain in developing global leading IP assets. In addition, such IP assets will not only act as defensive protection for Flowchain’s business operation but will be joining the well-designed licensing program initiated by TIC, which taking place firstly in Taiwan and to be scaled up globally before 2024. The program is believed the first-ever active IP monetization project based on Taiwan patents but not limited to.

From left to right: Flowchain Founder & CEO, Jollen Chen and TIC Founder & CEO, Joseph Chang.

About TIC

Taiwan Intellectual Capital (TIC) aims to reshape Taiwan’s manufacturing-oriented industry landscape and to revert the tangible-centric capital mindset counting on programs which aggregate under-utilized intellectual properties invested by local industries throughout the past decade, release the under-estimated value and then provide stages for brainworkers.

The key team including Founder Joseph Chang were from Asia-Pacific’s earliest IP monetization firm. Adding outstanding professionals from market intelligence, digital payment & finance and capital operation, now TIC is eager to utilize the collected IP assets and capital to establish a real IP Bank in Taiwan which is not only capable of realizing value of intangible assets but able to fuel real talents and smart innovations.

About Flowchain

Flowchain is an IoT blockchain that leverages distributed ledger technology (DLT) for peer-to-peer IoT networks and real-time data transactions. Flowchain's original AIOT hybrid blockchain technology and several other technologies, including tokenized hardware, have gradually completed the global patent layout. Flowchain has also shown a hybrid blockchain technology based on Flowchain and Hyperledger Fabric that can gain viable benefits such as security, privacy, and decentralization for IoT industries.

Flowchain also published several academic papers on IoT, Blockchain, and Tokenomics in the ACM SIGBED Review and ACM Digital Library. In 2019, Flowchain is recognized as APAC CIOOutlook Top 10 IoT Solution Provider in the APAC region.

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