The Flowchain Foundation

Flowchain Foundation is an independent body based in Singapore aiming to oversee the Flowchain open source project and build its ecosystem.

Jollen, Founder and CEO

Jollen Chen is also the lead developer of Flowchain, the open source based IoT blockchain solutions. Prior to funding Flowchain, Jollen has been working on embedded software, software architect and fullstack developer for over ten years. His research interests are the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and IoT data security. Jollen holds a Master's degree in Manufacturing Information and Systems from the National Cheng Kung University. You can find him at Github, Linkedin, and Twitter


Jollen Chen, Founder and CEO

Junus Chen, General Counsel

Angelina Huang, PR and Marketing Lead

Jin Wang, Business Development Lead, China

Ellaine Lin, Project Manager

Ben Shiue, Open Source Team

Archer Huang, Open Source Team

Red One, Open Source Team

Polo Wu, Open Source Team

Roy Chen, Open Source Team

AI Mining

AI Mining, Inc. located in Taipei, Taiwan and funded by Flowchain Foundation is wholly separate in ownership and leadership. AI Mining is in the organisation of Flowchain Foundation and contracted to build Flowchain products, and working for-profit to boost the Flowchain ecosystem through commercial. Please visit for more information.


Located in Shenzhen, China, the company is in the organisation of Flowchain Foundation and is wholly separate in ownership and leadership. 物链区块链 is contracted to deliver Flowchain products in the China market.