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Introducing FlowchainCoin

FlowchainCoin (FLC) is the digital assets of valuing Flowchain networks.

AI Dapps Platform

Use FLC to access our AI mining pool where your AI dapps will be executed

Tokenized Hardware

Use FLC as hardware crypto tokens to protect your data and ensure data privacy

Digital Assets

Use FLC in tokenized hardware to enable digital assets exchange without any central party

Data Trust

Use FLC to ensure your data trust that would be the originators of the data

Private Sale

FlowchainCoin (FLC) is a utility token that can be used in tokenized hardware and AI dapp platforms. The Private Sale gives the best rate.

  • Genesis Private Sale sold out and closed on 1, July, 2018
  • Private Sale will be opened on 1st, Dec, 2018


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Genesis Sale Offer

Genesis Sale (the angel round) will be closed as soon as the limit of 2,000 ETH is reached.

  • Closed: July 1th 12:00 (GMT+8)
  • 1 ETH = 6400 FLC (FlowchainCoin)
  • Limited to accredited investors
  • Token distribution: immediately
  • No hard cap

News: Genesis Sale sold out! We also publish the Token Sale Whitepaper V1.1 Chinese version!

Private Sale Offer

Private Sale will be closed as soon as the limit of 2M USD or 20,000 ETH is reached. Learn more about private sale plan at ICONeat.

  • Start: Dec 1st 12:00 (GMT+8)
  • 200 USDT = 5000 FLC
  • Limited to accredited investors
  • Monthly vest

Token Sale Whitepaper

Mokoid Capital Limited company is registered at Samoa. FlowchainCoin is the utility token for tokenized hardware and our service platform.